Xero Integration - Functions and Limitations

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How to context?

Xero’s online accounting software connects small business owners with their numbers, their bank, and advisors anytime.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article provides a brief explanation for the actions you can take on an invoice in Meddbase and how the application communicates with Xero. Each action described also includes a link to a detailed article:

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Generate invoice, mark as 'sent', make payment.
  2. Raise Credit Note, Shortfall Invoice. 
  3. Refund Payment.
  4. Limitations.

Generate invoice, mark as 'sent', make payment

Meddbase provides the ability to raise invoices and charge patients or 3rd parties for consuming services. Once an invoice is raised, it must be finalised by marking it as 'sent' in order to make a payment. The invoice will be sent to Xero and and payments made will be visible as prepayments matched to the invoice.

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Raise Credit Note, Shortfall Invoice

Meddbase allows amending the outstanding balance/correct an error by raising a Credit Note. The reason for raising the Credit Note may be:

  • Bad debt
  • Credit
  • Incorrect amount invoiced
  • Write off
  • Shortfall

Click here for a detailed article.


Refund payments

Meddbase allows refunding matched and unmatched payments. Payments can be refunded on individual invoices, or in bulk on multiple invoices.

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When using the Meddbase integration with Xero it is important to be aware of its limitations:

  • Bank account feeds and manual reconciliation 
    • If you have a bank account feed or perform a manual reconciliation with your bank account in Xero, payments will not be communicated and updated in Meddbase. These payments will need to be manually updated in the Meddbase application. Furthermore, updating a payment in Meddbase that had already been reconciled in Xero will require disabling the integration first, as Xero will not accept 'double payments'.
  • Invoices for the chamber company as the creditor
    • Only invoices where the chamber company is the creditor are sent through to Xero. Invoices with other companies or people as the creditor are not transferred to Xero via the integration. 
  • Single bank account linking 
    • The integration can link only to one single bank account in Xero. 
  • Offline activity
    • Activity such as payments and invoices that take place whilst the integration is switched off will not transfer through to Xero and will not synchronise when the integration is switched back on.
  • One-way integration 
    • The integration between Meddbase and Xero is one way meaning that data is not sent from Xero into Meddbase. 
  • Updating services 
    • Due to the way Xero handles service matching, Service and appointment type setup should remain unchanged while the integration is up and running. Rather than making changes to existing appointment types and services, we recommend creating new ones with unique properties and deleting the old ones.


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