Subject Access (SAR) Requests

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article designed to guide you through the process of generating Subject Access Request (SAR) documents for patients using the Meddbase platform.

Learn how to use our SAR template to compile patient records into a single document and simultaneously attach associated files for easy and secure distribution. 


How to configure an SAR template?

  1. Raise a Request Ticket on Zendesk: When a patient or user requests specific data, and you require an SAR template, initiate the process by creating a support ticket on your Zendesk platform. In the ticket, specify that you need to implement a Subject Access Request (SAR) template to distribute requested data.

  2. Solutions Team Adds SAR Template: The solutions team, responsible for system configurations, will add the SAR template to your chamber.


Where to find SAR template in the chamber?

  • Start Page > Templates > Patient Templates > Medical Record


How to use an SAR template?

  1. Find the Patient: Locate and identify the patient for whom you need to generate the SAR document

    1. Find Patient.png

  2. Navigate to Documents: Access the document section of the patient record

    2. Documents.png

  3. Click "New": Within the document management interface, look for the option to create a new document in the top left corner.

    3. NEW.png

  4. Select "From Template": Choose the option that allows you to create a document from a template.

    4. Template.png

  5. Locate the SAR Template: Browse through the available templates and find the SAR (Subject Access Request) template, specifically designed for generating SAR documents.

    5. SAR.png

  6. Click "Create": Once you've selected the SAR template, initiate the creation process by clicking the "Create" button.

    6. Create.png

  7. Generate the SAR Document: The system will automatically populate the SAR document with relevant placeholders and information based on the patient's details.

    7. Generate document.png

  8. Click "Save": After the SAR document has been generated and populated, click the "Save" button to save the document within the document management system.

    8. Save.png

  9. Return to Patient Documents: The saved SAR will be available here.

    9. Return to Docuemtns.png

  10. Choose Sharing Method: Depending on your preferred method of sharing the SAR document, make a selection from the following options:

    a. Share via Patient Portal: If your organisation uses the patient portal, tick 'also share with patient' in the bottom right to share the SAR document securely through the portal.

    10a. Portal.png


    b. Email Document: If you prefer to send the SAR document via email, choose one of the following options:

    • Regular Attachment: Attach the SAR document to the email as a standard file attachment.

    • Secure Link: Provide a secure link to the SAR document hosted on a secure server or platform.

    • Email Body: Embed the content of the SAR document directly within the email body.

      10b. Email.png

  11. Complete Sharing: Follow the prompts provided by the system to complete the sharing process according to the method you selected. 


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