How to Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for OH portal

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What is the purpose of the article?

This guide is tailored to walk you through the process of implementing and using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on the OH referral portal.

Learn how to activate 2FA in Meddbase configuration and follow the steps for how to use 2FA to access the referral portal. 


How to configure 2FA for OH Portal?

OH Portal 2FA in Meddbase offers flexible security options. You can set it as default for all companies, requiring 2FA for all companies within the chamber, unless explicitly overwritten in the company details page; or 2FA can be disabled by default for all companies and specific employers can be opted in to the feature. 


To assign 2FA globally to all companies in your chamber:

1. Navigate to 'Configuration' under the 'Admin' Panel

Screenshot 2023-09-19 170613.png


2. On the left, scroll down to 'Online Portal' and tick the box 'Require two-factor authentication' under 'OH portal/Case management'

Screenshot 2023-09-19 165944.jpg


To configure OH Portal 2FA for specific companies within your chamber:

1. Locate the company that you wish to assign 2FA, under the 'Company' panel

Screenshot 2023-09-21 095943.png

2. Open Company Details 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 100008.png

3.  Change the drop down menu entitled 'Require two-factor authentication' from '--Default--' to 'Required' - Note: This must be under the menu 'Occupational Health'

Screenshot 2023-09-21 100147.png

How to use 2FA to access OH Portal?

2FA is sent to the manager's mobile number by default, however, if there is no mobile number associated with the account or the mobile number is out of reach, (after 3 mins) there is an option to resend the 2FA to the manager's work email, using the 'resend via email' button below the authentication field.

2FA resend.png


Once Enabled, managers will be prompted to provide 2FA when logging in to the referral portal


The managers workflow would be as follows:

1. Open the referral portal 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 101004.png

2. Log in with existing employee details

Screenshot 2023-09-21 101022.png

3. The 2FA will be sent to the managers mobile device via SMS text as a 4-digit code

Note: If the manager does not have a mobile number associated with the account, the 2FA code will be sent to their work email account


4. Input the code into the portal to gain access Screenshot 2023-09-21 101230.png


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