Product Release Notes | October 2023

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Our October release is packed full of new exciting features (Gender Identity and Pronouns is here!) and more streamlined workflows to make your processes quicker and easier.

Our next system update is set for Monday 30th October, 22:30 GMT (UK/EU) and Tuesday 31st October, 02:00 CST (US/Canada).


Gender Identity and Pronouns

Our number 1 most voted for feature on User Voice is being released this month and we are so excited!
This new feature will be made available to all customers and will be visible to users by default. 

Listening to you is our priority so please keep your suggestions coming, and voting for other suggestions through our User Voice

Patient Records: Patients can now have their gender identity and preferred pronouns added to their records. This information can be managed both by Meddbase users and patients themselves, through the patient portal.

Removal Link between title and sex: As discussed in our recent newsletter we are removing the automatic setting of title based on sex, and vice versa.

Customisation: When this feature goes live, customers will have default gender identity and pronoun options, but you can customise them in your Common Catalogues, tailoring the choices to your specific needs.

Visibility on the Patient Portal: There will be a configuration option allowing you to control whether gender identity and pronouns are visible to patients on the portal. This configuration will be removed at the end of 2023, making gender identity and pronouns visible to all patients on the stock Meddbase portal. We recommend reviewing the configured list of gender identities and pronouns before 31st December 2023. The setting can be found in Admin > Configuration > Online Portal > "Display gender identity and pronouns"

Gender Identity Pronouns in Template Codes and Reports: Gender identity and pronouns can be included in correspondence and documentation through the templating system, as well as in reports for managing and investigating patient cohorts.


Invoice Usability Improvements

New Configuration Settings

We've made the invoice generation and handling process easier and quicker for patient debtors by reducing user clicks by six to nine per appointment/invoice when all are enabled in combination.

Automatically Generate Invoices on Appointment Booking

You can now automatically generate invoices upon appointment booking (in addition to Appointment Arrival, On Appointment Discharge or Manual generation) giving you more control and saving you time over the invoicing process.

Invoice Generation Override for Patient Debtors

Customise when invoices are generated based on patient funding. For company debtors, keep it 'On Arrival,' while for self-funding patients, set it to 'On Booking.' Our system now accommodates different invoicing processes for various individuals.

Matching Advance Payments

When patient invoices are marked as sent, Meddbase will automatically match and allocate advanced payments linked to that invoice, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Automated Patient Invoice Email

Meddbase can now email a copy of the invoice to the patient when it's marked as sent, including a link for payment if the Opayo integration is enabled.


Multiple Company Aliases

Companies can now have one or more aliases associated with them, making it easier to locate companies with multiple names, e.g "Example Bank Name" and "EBN."

These aliases can be used in template codes and reports improving the efficiency of your aliases management.

Clinical Form Improvements

Visibility Conditions: We have made the clinical form filling process easier and quicker for clinicians by showing or hiding fields based on other inputs. For example, this could be asking for 'more details' if a checkbox is selected, or showing a different set of fields based on the input in a dropdown menu.


  1. Ticking ‘Condition is work-related’ can now show a free text field asking for ‘More details’ which could be presented on a fitness certificate or outcome report
  2. If I select ‘Anxiety’ from a drop-down list it can then reveal further questions, prompting me to complete a GAD-7 questionnaire for the patient

Table Flow Integration Updates

Patient Status and Employee Number: With table flows, patients' statuses can now be marked as "Deleted", "Active", or other configurable status types, allowing other applications to control the status of patients in Meddbase. Employee numbers can also be set or updated through table flows. These updates are particularly useful when integrating with HR systems within occupational health.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements:

  • We've improved our logging service for more detailed error messages
  • Added error handling when sending emails from Pathways to account for email addresses that don’t exist or domains that can’t be found. Pathways will now be able to proceed after receiving these error messages
  • Improved document generation for .docx documents to handle incorrectly formatted URL's in a more elegant way
  • We've boosted the speed and performance of recalculating rights after removing a role from a role

Your support team is here to help if you have any questions or feedback, and if you spot anything that doesn't look quite right please let us know.

Thank you,

Sam and the Meddbase Team



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