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Get ready for a smoother experience with our November release.

Our next system update is set for Monday 27th November 22:30 GMT (UK/EU) and Tuesday 28th November 02:00 CST (US/Canada).

November concludes our releases for 2023, and we look forward to bringing you exciting new updates in 2024.


Introducing Task Checker Templates

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to how automated emails and SMS messages are set up throughout Meddbase. We've made it even easier for you to personalise and update the branded messages you send e.g. automated booking confirmations, appointment reminders etc.

Whats New?

  1. Document Templates for Configuration: You can now use Document Templates to customise your emails and SMS messages, providing a user-friendly way to personalise and brand your communications.
  2. Seamless Transition: Your existing content previously configured in the Task Checker and Work Type Configuration will be automatically converted into Document Templates.
  3. Improved Automated Communications: Meddbase will now use these Document Templates for automated communications sent to patients and users including the Task Checker and Work Type Configuration. Say goodbye to the old HTML text boxes.
  4. Enhanced Control: You'll have more control over the styling and formatting of your automated messages. Plus, making changes to your configuration is easy, adapting to your evolving requirements.
  5. Inbuilt Document Editor: All Templates use the Inbuilt Document Editor, offering a seamless experience for configuring documents across the entire application.

Mandatory Fields on Clinical Forms

  • Fields on Clinical Forms are now configurable as 'mandatory,' making it clear to clinicians that they must complete them during the consultation.
  • Guidance for Unfinished Fields: If clinicians try to Discharge a consultation through a clinical form action button without completing mandatory fields, they'll receive an alert indicating which fields still need attention.
  • Flexible Mandatory Fields: You have the flexibility to configure mandatory fields as 'strictly' mandatory, ensuring clinicians can't discharge without filling them out. Alternatively, you can set them as 'warning' or 'prompt' fields, allowing clinicians to continue with the discharge while being informed about the missing data.
These improvements are designed to streamline your workflow and ensure that nothing important is overlooked.

If you would like to make use of this new functionality or would like any further details please raise a support ticket or email

Online Payment Confirmation Template Codes

Previously, some template codes weren't displaying the correct information. Specifically, the {Paid} template code showed the invoice balance, and {Balance} displayed the amount paid, which is confusing.

The good news is, we've fixed this! Now, these template codes will display the correct information, providing you with accurate and easy-to-understand payment confirmations.

Important Note: If you've customised your payment confirmation email template in Admin > Configuration > Online Portal and rearranged these template codes in the past, please be aware that these updates won't automatically apply. You'll need to adjust your template manually to ensure it reflects the corrected information.


Configurable Currency Management for Opayo Payments

Default Currency for Transactions
Opayo Payments will now use your chamber's default currency for all transactions, ensuring consistency and simplicity.

Currency Validation
To maintain accuracy, we've implemented a currency code check. When you save your chamber's default currency code, we'll verify that it matches an ISO standard currency code. If it doesn't match, we'll provide a warning. In case a non-ISO standard currency code is saved, Meddbase will continue to default the currency to GBP for you.

Default Country Configuration
In addition to currency, we've introduced a new 'default country' setting, which can be accessed in Admin > Config > Accountancy. This default country will be automatically selected for all payments made within your chamber.

Streamlined Card Registration
When a patient or Meddbase user registers a new card via the Opayo interface, the default country you've configured will be preselected, making the process smoother.

Customised Country Preferences
If a patient ever decides to change their preferred country for payments, Meddbase will remember their choice for future transactions. This means that if the patient registers a second card or a Meddbase user does it on their behalf, their previously selected country will be automatically chosen instead of the chamber default.

Enhanced Patient Portal Experience
These changes will also be reflected in the Patient Portal. When a patient registers their first payment card, your chamber's default country will be preselected. If they decide to change it and register a second card, their preferred country will be automatically selected.
Introducing Job Titles Field for Better Patient Demographics

We're excited to announce a new addition to our Patient Demographics section - the Job Title field! This field is designed to enhance your patient information and streamline data management.

Please note that initially, this feature will be behind a feature flag, if you are interested in using this functionality please contact us for activation. 

We plan to enable this feature for all users by the end of Q1 2024, removing the feature flag.

Please note the exception that the Job Title field will automatically appear in reporting and import schemas starting from this release.

What's New?
  • Standard Job Title Field: Job Title will now be a standard field within the Patient Demographics section, available to all users of Meddbase and OH Portal Users for adding or editing job titles.
  • Transparency for Patients and Employees: Patients and employees can view their job titles via the Portal, ensuring transparency, but they won't be able to edit this information. This helps maintain control over data changes.
  • Reporting Made Easy: Job Titles will be reportable and available as a Template Code as standard, making it simple to access and utilise this data.
Important Note: If you have previously configured 'custom' job title fields, they won't be automatically migrated to the new standard demographic field. However, you can report on this data and import it into the new field if needed.

Document Editing Improvements

  1. Referral Letter Uploads Fixed: For those using V1 of the referral system, the document upload pane now correctly accepts documents during appointment booking, ensuring a smoother process for incoming referrals.
  2. Template Editing without Unnecessary Warnings: After editing a document, specifically templates, using our inbuilt editor, you'll no longer receive unnecessary warnings when saving and closing the tab. Click "I have finished Editing" without concerns.

Table Flow Integration Updates

Patient Status and Employee Number: With table flows, patients' statuses can now be marked as "Deleted", "Active", or other configurable status types, allowing other applications to control the status of patients in Meddbase. Employee numbers can also be set or updated through table flows. 


Import Improvements

We've introduced import improvements, allowing you to include Service Safe Name when updating existing services for a more comprehensive and efficient data import experience.

Boosted Database Performance

We've made several performance enhancements to ensure the Meddbase database runs smoothly. Expect ongoing improvements in the coming months, with each release bringing small performance boosts that you'll notice as you use the system. Your experience is important to us, and we're committed to making it better!

Your support team is here to help if you have any questions or feedback, and if you spot anything that doesn't look quite right please let us know.

Thank you,

Sam and the Meddbase Team



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