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Our integration with Opayo has historically facilitated Advanced Payment or Authorisations from a payment card, always associated with a set value. This is useful when a specific amount of money needs to be authorised. However, there are situations where merely verifying a card's validity and storing it for future use is more appropriate. For instance, a patient may need to pay a cancellation fee if their employer is funding medical treatment.

To address this we have implemented the Zero Value Authorisation (ZVA) functionality through the Opayo API.



  1. Opayo Account Requirements: Ensure a valid Opayo account is created and linked to the chamber. See our Opayo Integration Guide for more information
  2. Payment Method Configuration: Configure at least one online payment method in the common catalogues.

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Using Zero Value Authorisation

  • Once Zero Value Authorisation is enabled a new action named "Authorise Card" will appear on the Patient Home Page.

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  • Initiating Authorisation: Selecting the "Authorise Card" action will open a dialogue box where you can enter the card details to be authorised.

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Please note:

Payment Method Dropdown: Only online payment types will be selectable from this dropdown menu.

'Amount' Field: Is not present nor required as the authorisation will be for a zero value.

  • Completing Authorisation:

    • Enter the card details and choose to save them.
    • The card will be authorised using Opayo, including any required Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or additional authentication steps, as dictated by the customer’s Opayo account and the issuing card authority.
    • Upon successful authorisation, a success dialogue will be displayed.

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Screenshot 2024-06-06 115840.png

Future Payments: The authorised card will be available for selection when processing future payments.

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