Resetting User Passwords

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Keeping track of passwords can be difficult, and inevitably we forget from time to time. If a user does find that they are unable to log in due to an incorrect password, it is possible to reset their password from the user management page.

This article outlines the reset user password steps.


Steps to reset user passwords

To reset a user's password:

1. Navigate to the user management page (Start Page > Admin > User Management)

2. Select the user's profile

3. Verify that their email address is correct

4. Click Reset Password

5. In the Password reset dialogue that appears, click OK.

A link containing a new password will be emailed to the user.

Once the user has accessed their account they should change their password immediately (See 'Changing Your Password' for information on how to do this).

Should the user’s email be inaccessible, a dialogue box will inform the current user of a temporary password to their account to be communicated through alternative means.


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