Assigning Licenses

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In the ‘User Profiles’ list (Start Page > Admin > User Management) you may find that some of your user profiles appear in black font where others are greyed out. These greyed out profiles are yet to be assigned a license (or their licenses have been removed) and as such they will be unable to access Meddbase.

In the screen shot below, Dr Seuss Does not have a license applied and will not be able to access Meddbase,  however Dr Christiaan Barnard does. This can be noted by his name not being greyed out and that he has a full time license.


In order to assign a license to a user, click on the user's name - this will bring up the user management dialogue box. To the top left you will see a ‘License’ button, click here.

You will be presented with two options, one for full-time licenses and another for concurrent licenses. Concurrent licenses allow a group of individuals to access the system but only one at a time. Full-time licenses allow users complete access to the Meddbase system 24 hours a day. (The prices for each license type are stated in your order form, license allocation is monitored and charged to your account automatically).



For more information about Full Time and Concurrent licenses please refer to the article linked below:

Licencing Explained

A confirmation box will appear, informing you that assigning licenses may incur charges and that only users authorised to perform such actions should proceed. Confirming here will send the user an email to their external account informing them that they are now able to access the system.