Setting Specialisms for the Chamber Company

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Danielle Bailey
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For the chamber company to be referred to the company must be set as 'Referable'. These options are set within the company Details Section of the company located Company > Find Company > Company Details.

The first setting which needs to be selected is that the company is referable. This means that other users of Meddbase can refer to your chamber company if they are connected to you via the 'Network'. Or that patients linked to this chamber can be internally referred.

A Referral contact will need to be set this is the person that will receive the notifications of a new referral has been made to your chamber company. This person is set up Company > Find Company > Contacts. Should the company have more than one contact then the relevant person will be selected from the list.

Then the specialisms will also need to be set. This is where the specific specialisms that the company chamber wants to accept are set. This would then restrict what type of referrals the chamber company could receive.