Shortfall Payments

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Danielle Bailey
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Sometimes an invoice may not necessarily be paid by just one party. For example, the Patient may be liable for the first 50% of an invoice and their insurer will pay the remaining 50% however you do only have once invoice for the full amount.

In order to accomplish this the Shortfall function can be completed. Therefore, using the same scenario as above this can be worked through as such. If the invoice has been marked as 'Sent' this process should work.

There is an option listed as Shortfall > To Account. this will allow for the relevant Insurance firm in this scenario to be located or for the relevant company to be located.

Once this has been done Meddbase will ask for confirmation that the Invoice is to be reinvoiced. this will then create a shortfall invoice.

Now the Insurer will be listed as owing the remaining 50% of this invoice. It is important that the shortfall is completed after the initial payment has been made otherwise the shortfall will be for the entire value of the invoice.

Unfortunately, you are unable to create a shortfall if there is VAT on the Invoice.