Reset Manager login to Referrer Portal

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Ellie Jewell
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Managers can login to Meddbase via the Occupational Health Portal. This gives managers the opportunity to refer employees online, as well as book appointments for employees and manage existing referrals.

If the manager has forgotten their password they can use the 'Forgotten Password?' functionality on the referral portal, this will ask them to confirm some details like their name, date of birth and email address before resetting their password. 

You can change a manager's password for them by choosing Change Portal Password. You can then choose to send the new password to them by email or SMS.

If a manager has forgotten their login details, or their login is not working, a Meddbase Registered user can reset the account. 

To do this, go to the patient record for this manager. Click Referral Portal at the top of the patient record page.

Choose Patient Portal and Reset Portal Login. Click this to trigger an email to the manager asking them to re-validate their login details. Once re-validated, they will be able to login to the referral portal.