Raising an Invoice from Appointment

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Danielle Bailey
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Meddbase can allow for an invoice to be created in multiple places. These can be raised directly from a Patient record, an appointment or on a company record.

Billing a company for products and services will explain the process for billing a company for products or services.

Billing a patient for products and services will explain the process for billing a patient outside of an appointment for porducts or services.

Within this article we aim to demonstrate the process for raising an invoice from within a consultation. This process is dependent on the setting you have set for invoice generation as to whether this is 'On Arrival', 'On Discharge' or 'Manual' creation. The settings within this chamber are set to generate invoices 'On Arrival'.

However, should during this consultation the patient is offered any further items or services these can be added to the invoice using the above option of 'Add Additional Services'. Which will allow for any items already listed within the appropriate Billing Rules can be added. For example, during this appointment the patient was provided with some butterfly stitches.

Once these items have been added the 'Proceed' button can be selected. Which will then amend the original invoice. This will happen only because the invoice has not been marked as 'Sent' yet.

If the invoice had been marked as sent any additional services would be listed on a separate invoice. Once all services and products have been added the invoice can be marked as 'Sent'.

Obviously, this should only be done when the invoice is ready to be provided to the Patient/Insurer for payment, depending on who the debtor is.

The same process can be followed for manual creation of invoices as well as the creation of invoices upon discharge. These steps would then need to be followed at the relevant point during the consultation.