Using Clinical Forms

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Danielle Bailey
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Clinical Forms can be accessed only from a consultation and are used to record any findings within a consultation.

A specific clinical form can be linked to an appointment type so when each appointment of a certain type is marked off as arrived then the same clinical form will appear.

You are able to add further clinical forms to an episode, if an additional form is required this can be done using the Forms icon situated at the top of the clinical form. And all clinical form templates will be loaded. You can use the search filter to search through a list of clinical forms.

Some clinical forms can be prepopulated prior to the consultation if the patient has had to complete a questionnaire which is linked to the clinical form. However, majority of the information will be obtained during the consultation and can be completed by the clinician.

These fields can be completed either using text boxes, numeric fields, adding notes to form a Historic log, a text box, radio buttons, a drop-down list or in a date format.

The Clinical form can also pull through any services provided during the appointment.

Once the information has been recorded within the clinical form there can be action buttons situated at the bottom of the clinical form:

A handful of the possible action buttons is listed above, for example a prescription can be made, repeat prescription can be made, a patient can be referred either internally or external if Networks have been set up. The patient can be discharged from here. A follow up task can be set up either for the clinician or for someone else. Documents can also be created either as new or picking from a template. There is also the ability to have an action button created to produce a specific templated document.

The clinical form will automatically save as you go and can be accessed again at any point when the consultation of the specific appointment is accessed. However, any information recorded on the clinical form will populate onto the patients’ medical history log. For example, this patient is allergic to penicillin ad this was listed on the clinical form.


Without accessing the specific appointment this information will be stored on the patient medical history record.

If you currently have no clinical forms and would like to create a new one, please log a support ticket with our Support Team and they will guide you through the procedure to have one added. Having a clinical form created for your company is a chargeable addition, you will be provided with a quote before any work is undergone or any charges are incurred.