An ‘Access Denied’ message keeps appearing on my screen

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Danielle Bailey
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This means that the permission is denied, either for them as an individual or for a role group they belong to. For example, this message will appear when a user without the right to modify patient demographics attempts to change a patient's details.

If a permission is neither granted nor denied, it will be denied, unless it is granted for another role group the user belongs to.

What happens if a user clicks 'request access'?

If a user clicks 'request access':

  1. They will be prompted to give a reason as to why access is needed.
  2. The owner of the relevant security certificate - typically a System Administrator - will see a popup on the Start Page prompting them to grant or deny access to the individual.

If access is granted, the individual will be added to the certificate's list of permitted users and the relevant permission will be granted.

If you or a user in your organisation is receiving an access denied message, but you're not sure how to rectify this, please raise a support request with the following information included:

  • The exact username of the user receiving the access denied message (i.e. sc.jsmith)
  • The error message in red (i.e. you do not have the right to modify the patient's demographic record).
  • Steps to produce this message (i.e. after clicking on personal details for patient ID 1642).

When I click 'request access', I get the following error message: 'cross-company access denied'.

It's likely that the security certificate you are requesting access to belongs to a different chamber. Please raise a support request with the above information included (the username, error message, and steps to produce the message)