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Danielle Bailey
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In order to allow patients to book appointments via the patient portal several settings within Meddbase need to be set for appointment types to be generated for booking. The first is to ensure that the Doctor Schedule has been set to 'Allow Online booking'.

Should this option not be selected this clinician will not be able to take bookings from the online patient portal in conjunction with other options that would be required.

Checking the settings situated within Start Page > Admin > Configuration > Online Portal to ensure that no settings here override the ones set within the site scheduler.

Another option which needs to be checked is that the billing rules for the chosen company allow for online booking this is done using the Self-Book Rule. This rule will allow for the company to set what type of appointments they would like the patient to be able to book via the online portal. This rule then must be applied to the relevant charge band.

Situated within the billing rules the option of 'Enable Online Booking' must also be selected.

If this option has not been selected, then the patient won’t be able to log in or register for the service to be able to book appointments.

Should this issue persist, and appointments can still not be booked via the portal then contact support by raising a ticket.