Attaching a new questionnaire to appointment type

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Danielle Bailey
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Each appointment type can have one or more questionnaires assigned to it. Although there is a standard list to add further questionnaires for example newly created ones this must be done via the application.

Selecting Start Page > Admin > Appointment Admin the relevant appointment type can now be selected.

Once the appropriate appointment type has been selected the Questionnaires section needs to be navigated too.

By selecting the '+' on the right-hand side Meddbase will ask for the questionnaire to be selected.

Should the required questionnaire not appear in this list then the option 'New' can be selected. A list of all available questionnaires will now be listed here.

If the relevant questionnaire is then selected. Meddbase will then require for a name of the questionnaire and description to be entered. Both fields are compulsory.

Once save is selected this questionnaire will then appear as an option in the drop-down menu to be able to be assigned to the relevant appointment type.