Common Catalogues - Adding additional titles for People

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Danielle Bailey
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Meddbase comes in built with a set of titles for people who are added to the system, although this is an extensive list this is by no means a complete list of all titles.

If additional titles need to be added this can be done using the common catalogues function located Start Page > Admin > Common Catalogues. For instance, I am going to add 'Madam' as title. From the common catalogues menu navigate to the Folder 'Titles'.

The folder can be opened by selecting the '+' next to titles and then scroll to the bottom to add 'New Title' or once 'Titles' has been selected the option of '+Add New' appears.


Once this option has been selected the title can be added here.

Once the relevant title has been added the 'Save' button can be selected, Meddbase will automatically complete the unique 'Id' field. The new title will now appear in the dropdown menu.