Restricting Clinician Schedules using Medical Person Certificates

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Ellie Jewell
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If you have a large number of clinicians or visiting clinicians it may be you may want to restrict access of clinicians details and schedules. You can do this using 'Medical Person Certificates'.

By default, there is one Medical Person Certificate that is assigned to all clinicians and viewable by all users.

To restrict access to specific clinicians you need to create a Medical Person Certificate per clinician or group of clinicians you wish to restrict.

In this example, we're going to set up a policy for our Cardiologist.

We can set up new certificates by going to:

Start Page > Admin > Security Policy > Add Certificates > Medical Person Certificate.


Now you can update the name of the policy - this one is called 'Cardiologists'. The permitted Users for this certificate are the specific Clinician (Lucy, Cardiologist) and the system administrators so they can assign the policy to clinicians.


Once the certificate has been created we need to set it at a clinician level.

You can do this by going to Clinician > Find Clinician > Click on your desired Clinician > Personal Details > Security > Policy.


Once the clinician has been assigned the relevant policy this will restrict access to their details and schedules to users with access to this policy. Other users will not be able to find the clinician or view their availability in the clinician schedules.

If you wish to group clinicians then you can create a medical person policy for the group, add the relevant users to that certificate and assign the policy to all the users in that group, then all the users in this group will be able to see each other's details but other users will not.