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Christopher Pulis
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For importing entity types.  In this example we will update the referrer field from patient demographics from the personal details page

The 'Referrer' field on the patient demographic page can house a list of items that may have referred the patient into the practice. It can be used as a kind of, "how did you hear about us?" field.


Create a new template, in this example we will use referrer.  Once the template has been created, click on the + under the newly created referrer to expose drop down and then select new instance.  You will then be presented with this screen.


Update the Entity Type from the drop down in this case the field in question which needs to be updated.  There are two entity types.  Entity types has two options.  New and Existing.  For New types you will be updating a field value which has not been used before whereas Existing will be an overwrite of existing data. 
Update the description and the instance description which will usually be the same name.   Click save.  Then click on template to download the  file.  You can also download the schema to check which fields are optional or mandatory.


One you have downloaded the csv file you will be presented with the following excel file.  Update the columns you have created.  Referrer_ID can have a numeric value and increment sequentially with each name you might have. 
Once you're happy with your update, return back to the table submission screen and click on upload.


Find and then upload your csv file.  Once uploaded click on submit tables.  This will then scroll to check the table uploaded.


Once your submission turns green (if it does not then it will advise which errors need addressing within the results section).  Click on next.  You will then be presented with the validate screen.  click on validate.


Validation of your file will then need to be activated.  Again if there's an error it will be displayed within the results section.  Once green click on next.   Then you will be taken to the Commit screen.  Click on commit.  An error message will appear "There was a problem performing your action, please try again".  You can ignore this.  Go to your demographic where you have updated the data to check.  In this example it was the referrer field.