Patient Portal Unblock

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Catia Goncalves
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This article aims to be a guide to help you if a patient attempts to log into the Patient Portal unsuccessfully on a set number of predefined occasions and as a result, they are locked out and would require a password reset by one of the Meddbase users. 

To find how to set up the Patient Portal click here.

This allows you to restrict the number of attempts a portal user can try to login before being considered a threat and being blocked.  
To set this, please navigate from Start Page>Admin>Security Policy and select the option ‘Portal Password Policy’. 


In this example, if a user has 5 failed attempts he will see this message:


Every time a patient is blocked, you will be able to access that status by going to Start Page>Patient>Search a Patient>Referral Portal>Portal Account Settings. Once in there, a window will pop up and right at the top you will be able to see ‘Account State’: ‘Blocked’.

If the status is set to ‘Blocked’ the user can be unblocked by Start Page>Patient>Search a Patient>Patient Portal>Unblock Portal User.


The user will then receive an email to be able to create a new password.


You will have a default template that will be used giving the patient the information they need to get their account unblock and reset their password. This template can be customised from Start Page>Admin>Configuration>Online Portal and ‘Reset blocked user’. 


The user will also be able to reset their password by clicking ‘forgot password’ and enter his details as it’s registered in Meddbase . 


A confirmation email will be sent to the user confirming that their account was blocked and that they can now create a new password: