Work Item Tasks

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Tasks are used when you want to create an item of work, and either assign it to another user, group or simply add it to your own list.

You can view tasks by clicking on the relevant section from the start page. The tasks page by default, shows you all active tasks in created date order. The list can be changed to display the tasks in “Next Due” Order by changing the view option.

New tasks can contain the following information and should be configured as follows.

To create new tasks, click Start and select New Task from the option located at the top left corner of the page. A tasks pop up window will open.

  • Add a title. This is the name of the task and will be used to identify the task in the task list.
  • By default, the task will be assigned to you. If you would like to assign it to another user or group, click on the selection box. A window will open allowing you to select a user, multiple users or a group of users. Add the users or roll, and hit save. (If you would like to assign the tasks to all users, select the group Users. By default, this group contains all users)
  • By default, the start date will be today's date. Use the date picker to change the start date.
  • Enter the number of days the tasks is valid for. Tick “open ended” if the task does not have an end date.
  • Select a status from the status drop-down box.
  • Enter the task's notes into the notes text box.
  • Once you have entered the details, hit save.


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You will now see the tasks listed on the tasks page.

If you have assigned the tasks to someone else, the tasks will appear under delegated work > tasks. This allows you to see the status of tasks you have assigned to other users.

Note: The action due will state “Task Overdue” of you set the task status to not started, and set the tasks start date for Today. Meddbase is warning you that the task is overdue as you should have started it by now. So, if the tasks start date is Today, set the task as In Progress.


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You can set a Task Administrator. The tasks administrator can view all tasks assigned to all users. To make a user a tasks administrator, add the user to the roll Task Admin (located in the user management page)

Work Item Task from Document / Patient Record / Appointment Home Page

Tasks can also be created in the same way but via a document. To create a task from within a document, find the document you wish to assign a task to. Click on the assign task button on the header bar and assign the task in the usual way. A link to the document will be embedded into the task so the user can access the document easily from the task.

The same rule applies to Patient Record and Appointment Home pages. Simply, click the button 'Assign Task' and follow the steps as above.