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The home page search bar allows you to quickly locate common objects within the database. The bar can be found at the top right of the page.

The following objects can be located:

  • Patient by: Surname | Date of birth [format: dd/mm/yyyy]
  • Invoice by: Invoice Number | Date Created | Date Sent [format: dd/mm/yyyy]
  • Clinicians by: Surname
  • Company by: Name
  • Appointment by: Date [format: dd/mm/yyyy]

To use the search bar simply start typing and the results will be automatically display based on the characters entered. The results will be automatically refined as you type.

Do not press enter after you have entered the search criteria as the results are displayed automatically.

For example, searching for 19/08/2019 displays multiple entries in our database of both Appointments and Invoices.

Searching 'He' displays three records, Patient, Medical Staff, & Companies

Once the results have been displayed, simply click on the object and it will take you to the entry.

The Search bar is a dynamic feature and can also be used as a calculator.

Sometimes only a limited amount of information is known for example the first couple of letters of both the surname and forename the search bar will allow for this to be searched on.

For example, to locate James Heck if the surname is entered prior to the forename the search bar will look for this. typing in he, ja James Heck appears. The comma must be entered for this to work.