Accessing the Medical History for a patient

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What's the context?

The patient's Medical History section provides a thorough summary of all past and present clinical data on a patient's record; including data recorded during an appointment.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines how to access the Medical History for a patient.

How do you access the Medical History for a patient?

There are 2 main routes to this.

Via the patient record

To access the Medical History via the patient record:

1. Find the patient record

2. From the patient record select Medical history in the Actions panel


The Medical History is displayed.


Via a Consultation for a patient

As an alternative, the Medical History can be accessed as part of the Consultation (in the Consultation suite). To do this a clinical user can:

1. Navigate to the Schedule (via the Meddbase logo)

2. Select the appropriate appointment from the calendar

3. Select Go to consultation


4. In the Consultation, select Medical History

The Medical History for the patient is displayed.


What can you do in the Medical History once you've got there?

There are lots of things you can see and do in the Medical History. These are explained in the article Working with the Medical History.

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