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What you can do in the Consultation Suite and how to get there – Meddbase Help Center.


Consultation mode allows you to add medical notes into a consultation. Consultation mode can only be accessed by an appointment. You can access the appointment either via a pre-booked appointment or via the walk-in/telephone appointment feature.

To access the consultation system, open an Arrived appointment either from the main schedule, the doctors diary or via the appointment history section of the patient record.

(Arrived appointments are displayed as Green on the diary and side-by-side diary)

 When you open the appointment you will be taken to the patient medical history section. (See Patient Medical History for details.)

You will also see seven sections located at the bottom left of the page:

  • Pathway
  • Referral (Default opening page for appointments booked from Referrals)
  • Medical History (Default opening page for Medical staff)
  • Consultation
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Admin (Default opening page for Admin staff)

To enter consultation mode, click on the button Consultation located at the bottom left of the page. The consultation page will load.

Below is an example of the consultation page containing previous case notes.

As you enter data into the consultation page, Meddbase will automatically save the data. While you are typing, a red box will appear to indicate the data has not yet saved. A green box will appear around the edge of the text box you are typing into when you move away, to indicate the data has saved.

If the text box does not turn green, your data has not saved and there is an issue with your connection. Please report this to a member of the Meddbase team.

If you are logging a vaccination, enter the details into the service directly. The vaccination log section will be displayed directly under the vaccination.

If you are requesting pathology, you must add the service to the appointment first.