Adding Additional Services

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To add services to an appointment, click the add extra service button.

The service picker will load. It allows you to add additional services to an appointment, such as a blood test or package such as a Wellman.

There are two ways to add a service.

Simply type the name of the service into the search box and hit enter or click search. The search results will be displayed below. To add the service, select it using the mouse and it will be added to the appointment. The price for the service will also be displayed. (The price displayed is unique to the payer)

You may also browse the list of services using the brows feature. Click the brows button and all services will be displayed. Expand the nodes by clicking the small plus sign and you will see all services available. Click on the service and it will be added to the appointment and the price will be displayed.

The service picker confirms the following:

  • The Price for the appointment type. (note, some appointment types will not have a price. You are expected to add a service or module that gives a specific price for the appointment. For example, you may have an appointment type Health Screen. You may be expected to then add a specific package, such as a Wellman or Wellwomen)
  • The appointment length. (Note, some appointment types will have a zero length. You are expected to add a service to the appointment that then defines the length. With these types of appointments, a 5 minute length will be set if no other service is added. If a service is added, the appointment length will be set as the service time)
  • The Payer. The payer is displayed at the bottom of the page. This will default to the set payer on the patient account. Always check the payer before proceeding to the next section. You can change the default payer to view available services. For example, if the payer is set to employer, or insurer, you may find that only some services are shown on the service picker search results section. The services shown in the service picker results, are the services that the employer or insurer will pay for. If the service is not displayed, it’s likely that the insurer or employer will not pay. In this case you can change the default payer to patient and search again, or browse for the service using the browse feature located to the right of the page. This will charge the patient instead. If you are sure the 3rd party payer will pay for the service, then once added, you can over ride the payer by clicking on the line item payer section.
  • The total cost of the appointment will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the service picker are notes. These Admin notes relate to any notes added to the payers account. (The Patient and Company both have admin notes sections on their home page). So, be sure to check these before proceeding.

Once you have selected the services for the appointment hit proceed.