Viewing Results

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When pathology results are ready the Lab will automatically send them to the Med+DBase servers. Results are sent as soon as they are ready meaning you may receive part of a request in the morning and the rest of the requests later in the day. This simply depends on how and when the lab processes the results.

Results are then automatically attached to the patient record. The matching process used is based on the bar code attached to the form Med+DBase produces when requesting pathology.

To view results you must first go to the patient record. From here click on the Medical History Button. On this page you will see a pathology section within the tree on the left hand side. If you do not see pathology in this section, it means that this patient does not currently contain any electronic pathology results

If there are results, click on the name of the result and the test results will show on the right hand side of the page.

The formatting of the results is based on how the Lab enter the information. In some cases you will receive tabulated results and other cases you may receive free text.

There is a print option for each test. This will generate a print out similar to that of the paper copy the Lab send back in the post.