Automatic Recalls

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Kacper Gladys
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Recalls allow you to automatically send reminders out to your patients via e-mail or SMS to ask them to contact you to book an appointment. They are based on the services you have loaded on the system, and are set up as below:

To set up an automatic recall against a service, from the Start Page, go to Admin, then Service Management. Select the service you wish to add the recall to, from the list on the left hand side. Fill in the relevant reason, which should be a description of what is being requested ie. 'Booster Hepatitis vaccination is now due'. You can then set the recall to go out in days, months and years. Meddbase will send the recall X number of days after the service has been provided to the patient.

Automatic messages

Next, go to the Admin section again. This time go to Configuration and click the Task Checker tab on the left-hand side. Within the page there is a section called Recall Reminder. There is an Admin and a Patient reminder box. The Admin section is for a reminder to go internally to the admin team of the clinic and the patient one will go externally to the patient. Populate the box with an e-mail using the same formatting as you would a normal e-mail and include the relevant Template Code, found under the 'Documents and Templates' section of the Knowledgebase. When you insert the phrase including the brackets, it will pull the text you previously inserted in the service management page and populate this in the e-mail. Tick the relevant box to enable this feature and remember to save your progress.

For example, if your service is 30 days and the reason is 'Booster Hepatitis vaccination'. You may setup recall text as follows:

Dear {Patient.FullName}

You are due a follow up appointment around the {Recall.Due} for the following: {Recall.Reason}

Please contact us to make an appointment on [...].




This will send out the following message via email:

Dear John Smith

You are due a follow up appointment around the 15th June 2018 for the following: Flu Vaccination

Please contact us to make an appointment on [...]