Activity Browser and Auditing

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You can use the ‘Activity Browser’ to track changes to your system. Should anything go wrong you can easily trace the source and resolve any issues quickly and easily. Keeping an eye on all the activity going on within Meddbase can seem like a daunting task, however, every user action is recorded within the ‘Activity Browser’ (Start Page > Admin > System Activity).

By default, the Activity Browser will show all activity of all types up until the second you accessed the page. This can be a little intimidating, however, you can restrict the amount of information being shown in two ways:

Changing the date

In the top left hand corner, you will find a date field (dd/mm/yyyy). Changing this to an earlier date will only show information on this date or prior to this.

Filtering the data type

To the left hand side, you will find a range of check boxes each relating to an audit log type. These types can be included or removed by checking or unchecking the box, so, if you are looking specifically for security audit logs you may deselect all excluding security to give you a more useful audit report.

Actions recorded within the event browser include:

·         Time and date

·         User

·         Action Type

·         Details changed

This information is viewed by expanding the bar as show below:

For example, this shows that the service was removed from this patient record, including what service, who completed this action and at what time and date.

Other ways to view Activity and Audit

However, there is the ability to view information about a specific patient opposed to everything that has happened within the system. This can be achieved by accessing the patient record, from here there is the activity tab at the top of the screen that can be selected.

By selecting this option only activity relating to that specific patient will be displayed. This includes demographic detail changes, appointment bookings, notifications of appointments being sent either via email or SMS, cancellations of appointments, the creation, viewing and editing of documentation for a patient. Unlike the main system activity screen there is not a date filter on this screen so it would be a case to scroll through the entries or use the page numbers in the top left corner to the relevant date entry that is required.

A key point to remember is that the order of entries is Time and Date, type of entry and then main heading of the activity. These entries are separated by a grey line.

There is an additional way to also audit data by using the reporting feature within Meddbase. There is a root table within the report builder option called 'Activity'. There is the ability to report on various areas of the system to display the following information:

There is the ability to drill this down to a specific patient, clinician, right the way through to a specific prescription. This is a great way to view the data as this can be exported to Excel but also saves having to expand each section on either of the views above as the results are displayed on their own individual lines. Remember here there is the ability to add parameters to look at a certain date range, or a specific user, or even as far as a specific event type. In addition to the fields above it is important to also list what you are looking for does this relate to a specific patient then enter the patient ID field with the relevant ID.