Manual Patient Recalls

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Kacper Gladys
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Should you need to see a patient again within a set period of time, it is possible to prepare a patient recall within Meddbase either by the recall section of the Patient Record page or through a Consultation where the recall button appears on the top bar. Click on either of these buttons and you will be presented with the patient recall dialogue.

There are four fields to fill in here:

Recall Date

The date that the recall should take place. This field can either have a specific date in DD/MM/YYYY format or a days-from-today input such as 2w, 2 weeks, 6m, 6 months, 1y, 1 year etc.

Recurring Every

If the recall is to be repeated after a certain period you can fill this in here. Once again this field takes date format or days-from format.

Admin Reminder

Any users assigned to the ‘Recall Reminder Admin’ role will be able to receive notifications a set period prior to the recall taking place. The number of days can be set in days-from format.

Recall Reason

A free text field to describe the reason behind the recall.