The Clinician Home Page

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The ‘Clinician Home Page’ contains a range of clinician demographic information as well as tools for managing clinician information and availability. Included in this page are: 

  • Address Details
  • Contact Details
  • Secretary Contact Details
  • The Clinician’s Message Feed
  • The ‘Actions’ Pane

From the ‘Actions’ pane we can access a range of tools including:

  • Personal Details

Adjust the clinician’s demographic information

  • Documents

For attaching documents specific to the clinician

  • Diary

To view upcoming appointments and meetings and review past appointments

  • Site Scheduler

To manage the clinician’s availability for future appointments

  • Contacts

Add, remove or view clinician contacts

  • Accounts              

View the clinicians accounts section

  • Referrals

View referrals made to and from the clinician