Managing clinician availability

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In order to make appointments with a clinician we must first define the clinician availability. In order to define a clinicians availability visit the individual clinician’s home page and open the ‘Site Scheduler’ tool.


You will be presented with a screen similar to the side-by-side schedules. As though you were booking an appointment, you may book your clinician into the clinic here. Simply click on the time the clinician will start taking appointments to bring up the session booking dialogue screen. To extend the range of times available go to Start Page > Admin > Configuration > Application page where you will see to the top left you may define the ‘Start of Day’ and ‘End of Day’ for your clinic.




This dialogue allows you to adjust the parameters of the session including:




  •          The start and end time of the session
  •          The site of the session
  •          The location of the setting
  •          Any additional fees for this session
  •          Subject and comments regarding this session (These will be reflected in the side-by-side schedules)
  •          The ‘Billing Tag’ for the session (Billing tags can be used in conjunction with the new billing rules to create ‘Premium’ or ‘Discount’ sessions, go to the ‘Billing Rules’ section to find out how to apply charges to billing tags)
  •          The appointment setting
  •          Where appointments in this session may be booked online
  •          Make the session company specific
  •          Make the session appointment type specific


Once a week has been prepared you may wish to copy this week for the following weeks. Using the green arrow on the top bar to navigate to the following week, use the ‘Copy 1 Week’ tool on the top bar to copy the previous week onto the current week, the next week, next two weeks or even the following three weeks (This functionality is also available for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly copies).



Once a session has been booked, the clinician will become available for booking in the side-by-side schedules.