Generating a Quote

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Once you have configured the settings for your quote system and customized the quote templates to your requirement, you may begin generating patient quotes.

Quotes are created through the slot finder (For more information about the slot finder, visit the section of this manual on ‘Booking an Appointment’ where you will find further detail). Use the slot finder to search for an appointment by specifying the appointment type, site and clinician to retrieve a list of available appointment slots.

Select the preferred slot and click ‘Quote’ to create the quote and display the quote document. The quote page will open in a new tab displaying the quote document to print for the patient.

The quote page also features a toolbar for processing the quote


The tools contained here are:

Find Quote – Allows you to search for other quotes by using the Quote reference code

Book – Launches the slot finder to book the quoted appointment

Print – Print the quote letter for the patient

Delete – Deletes the quote (Deleted quotes can still be used to populate the service list in the slot finder) and also watermarks the quote document

Restore – Restores the quote to an active state (if deleted)

Open Booked Appointment(s) – Opens appointments booked from a quote

Template – A drop-down selector to choose between quote document templates