Booking from a Quote

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Once a quote has been generated and the patient returns for booking, it is possible to generate an appointment that satisfies the quote specification immediately.

Navigate to Start Page > Patient > Recall Quote at which point you will be prompted to enter a quote reference code.



Once a valid quote has been entered, click 'Book' and the slot finder will launch with:

  • Quote code set
  • Service list populated
  • Site filter set (If sites are configured to store in quotes)
  • Attendee filter set (If attendees are stored in quotes)
  • Start date set from the quote (if proposed date is stored in quotes)

This will in turn generate a list of available appointment slot times that satisfy this quote.


Slots where the quote applies will show with the quote code to the right of the price total. If one of these quotes is selected the excess will be taken from the quote and applied to the patient. Please note: Only the excess is stored in the quote for insured patients, any benefit maxima charged to insurance companies will be taken directly from the billing rules at the time of booking.

You may at this point continue to add services, which will be charged at the current rate rather than the quote rate. Once everything is finalized, booking proceeds as normal.

Once a booking has been completed this is recorded against the quote, as such, any further attempts to book an appointment using the same quote will alert the user.

Any outstanding quotes can be found on the patient home page under ‘Eligibility’. For more information about this please go to the section on ‘The Patient Home Page’ in this manual.