The 'Documents' Page

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The ‘Documents’ page (As found in the patient, clinician, appointment or company pages) can be used to store documents relating to the subject. Documents can take any format and a number of formats will allow you to preview the document rather than downloading. The documents page is primarily made up of two sections, the folder tree and the preview window.


The folder tree shows all your current undeleted documents separated into a folder structure (these folders are defined by the document ‘type’). You may change this view to a list if you prefer or even show deleted items. To do this click the ‘View’ button at the bottom of the folder tree and change the view to either ‘List’ or ‘Deleted’.

The toolbar running the width of the page displays actions to either create new documents, explore your current documents or perform actions on pre-existing documents. These options will be covered later within this section.

The final area of the documents section is the document security dialogue shown below any previewed document. This section allows users to name the document, add any comments (these comments are displayed under the document name in the list view), the document ‘Type’ and also the security restrictions on the document. Finally, these documents can also be shared with the patient via the patient portal.