Using a Template

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Templates which include template codes can be used in a number of different places within the system. When creating a document from a template it is important you do this in the appropriate section of the system and to ensure that the data you wish to extract into your document is available.


- templates are most commonly used in the documents section of a patient/clinician/company profile page.


- in order to extract appointment specific data you will need to first find the appointment and click on ‘Patient Documents’.

Episode / Case

- you can extract data relating to a specific case or episode. To do this you will need to be in a consultation and your clinical form will need to have the relevant button at the bottom of the form.

Once you have opened one of the above sections click on ‘New’ and then ‘From Template’. This will bring up a list of all the document types as seen in your templates section. By default the name/type/chamber/policy will be automatically populated however you can change these if necessary. You can also type in any comments relating to this template.

Create a text document from template

- once you have clicked ‘Create’ your document will open in a new tab and display your document. Here you have the options to edit the document further, print it and save it. When you are happy with the document, close the tab and the document will have saved to the documents section.

Create a Word document from template

- for templates which have been saved using MS Word follow the same steps as above. When you click on create you will be able to download the document from our server. This will then open up Word (you will not be able to complete this action unless you have installed the Document Manager – see the Documents section). With Word open you can treat the document in the same way you would for any other Word document. Once you are happy with this you can save it back to our server and close Word.

Create an email or SMS from template.

- In the template section, you will find two folders. Patient Email Notification and Patient SMS Notification. If you create a template in one of these folder, you can create and SMS or Email from the content. The creation processes is loaded from the patient home pate under “Patient Contact”