Adding a Payment to an invoice

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Once an invoice has been marked as sent, you may proceed to add a payment to the invoice. Go to the invoice you wish to add a payment to and mark the invoice as sent if it is not already. Go to the ‘Actions’ button where you will find a new list of options including:


  • Debt Management - Bring up the outstanding debt dialogue and contact information for the patient
  • Make Payment - Make a payment on the invoice
  • Raise Credit Note - Credit an incorrect invoice with a credit note
  • Print Preview - Print the invoice off for sending via post
  • Copy Invoice - Create an unsent copy of the invoice to correct any errors
  • Shortfall - Shortfall the remaining balance of an invoice from one debtor to another
  • Email Invoice - Send the invoice via email to the patient
  • Match Advanced Payments - Search the patient’s account for advanced payments to use against the balance of the invoice


Click the ‘Make Payment’ button to load the payment dialogue box.


This dialogue allows you to add a wealth of information regarding the payment including the amount, payment method, site, location, comments and more. Fill in the details as is appropriate and click ‘Save’ to save the payment.


Once saved you will be presented with a receipt which can be printed for a customer copy. Close this dialogue to show that the invoice now reflects the payment and updated total.



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If you make an incorrect payment you must create a reverse payment (Payments cannot be deleted in order to retain the audit trail). Simply create a negative payment of the same amount to cancel these out. For example, if you have added a payment of £50 to an invoice you will need to add a payment of -£50 to clear this.


Adding a payment from a company, patient or other

If a company or a patient makes a payment that is not for one specific invoice you can create a separate payment for that, you can then go through and match that payment to different invoices.

To do this go to Start Page > Accounts > In the top left hand corner select "Actions" and "Add Payment"

You will then get a pop up where you can search a company or another entity, in this case I am searching for AXA company within my chamber:

Once you have selected who the payment is from you will receive the following screen:

As seen earlier in this article you can add a bunch of information against this payment such as the method of payment, the date of payment, the amount comments and more.

If you wish to match this payment against multiple invoices you can see how to do that in this article.