Creating Collaborations

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Collaborations is a space allowing people to discuss a specific topic. You can create collaborations from various areas within the Meddbase application allowing you to discuss a general topic, a specific patient, a patient appointment or a document. You might like to think of a collaboration as a message board specific to a topic. Members of the collaboration can discuss issues and attached document for others to view.

If someone updates a collaboration you are part of, you will see it highlighted on the start page of Meddbase under the section “collaboration” located on the left side of the start page under the email section.

To start a collaboration, click the collaboration button when you are in the following section of Meddbase.

  • On the Meddbase Start Page. Collaborate from here and invite others to join
  • On the patient home page. Collaborate here and the patient will automatically be joined to the collaboration so others know which patient you are referring to.
  • On a document. Click collaboration when you are viewing a document and the document will be auto attached to the collaboration.
  • Within a consultation. This will auto-add the patient the collaboration.

To add others to a collaboration, click the 'Invite'  button at the top of the collaboration. You will be asked if you are inviting someone from outside your practice. Click 'No'  if the person you are collaborating with works with you in Meddbase. This will load the search box, where you can search for the required person within your practice. Click 'Invite' to add more people to the collaboration.