Adding Sites and Locations

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Meddbase is capable of managing multiple sites with several locations (or rooms) per site.

Take the following steps to add a new site:

  • From the Start Page, click on ‘Admin
  • Go to ‘Common Catalogues
  • Within the Common Catalogues page, Expand ‘Sites
  • Click ‘+New Site
  • Name this site and fill in any relevant details (e.g. Address, Email, Comments)
  • And finally save this.

The contents of the "Comments" filed can be pulled directly into your emails and templates, and can be used for displaying site specific instructions such as details of where the clinic is located.



If you operate a clinic with multiple rooms then you may wish to specify locations for appointments.

To add a new location, take the following steps:

  • From the Start Page, click on ‘Common Catalogues’ under the ‘Admin’ tile
  • Expand a site
  • Click on ‘+New Location
  • Give this a name and any comments if applicable.
  • Finally click 'Save'.