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Tasks within Meddbase can be created from a variety of locations, including:


  • Start Page
  • Patient Records
  • Company Records
  • Documents
  • Appointments
  • Invoices


Tasks allow users to create reminders for any reason and link this to any of the above locations (for example, a task generated from an appointment will contain a ‘View Appointment’ button).



After clicking the ‘Assign Task’ button you will be presented with the new task dialogue box. From here you can define:


  • Who the task is assigned to
  • When the task begins
  • When the task must be completed
  • A reminder of the task on a certain date and time
  • The ‘Status’ of the task
  • If the task is open-ended
  • If the task must be verified before completion
  • Any notes relative to the task



Once a task is marked as ‘Complete’ it will be archived.

To view archived tasks you must be a member of the ‘Task Admin’ role. Access the archive by clicking Start Page > Admin followed by ‘Chamber Work History’ on the ‘Work' tile. This will show all completed and archived tasks. Should you need to re-open a completed/deleted task, this can be done here by clicking on the task in question and changing the 'Status' of the task.