Work Item Pathology

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Kacper Gladys
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When pathology is returned to Meddbase electronically, a new work item is created. By default the work item will be created against the doctor who requested the pathology. The user(s) who are members of the Lab Results Admin role, will have visibility of all pathology coming in electronically.

(Note: To allow users to review all pathology, go to the user management page and add users to the role Lab Results Admin)

To view results that have arrived, select Pathology Lab Results from the work list section. This will display the results in list form on the right of the page. The over view page will also display the patient name and requesting doctor along with the date the result has been received.

To view, click to open and the work item will load. By Default, you will see the result history. This is the audit trail relating to the result. It will show the date the result arrived, an audit of the result delivery and any notes that other users have left against the result.

The latest version of the result will be displayed in the tab next to the history tab. This tab will display the full result. If you are happy with the result, change the status to Result Accepted. This will log against the patient record that the result has been reviewed and accepted.


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If you would like to assign the result to another user, click the assign user box, select the user or group of users and hit save. Change the status to Received and add notes to the result (Optional)

Hit save and the notes will be attached, and the result will be assigned to the user or group.