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There are two ways to arrive a patient

1. From the side-by-side schedule

2. From the patient home page appointments section

To arrive a patient from the side-by-side, first find the appointment. It will be displayed in white.

Click on the appointment and you will be taken to the appointment home page.

To arrive a patient from the appointment section or the patient record, first find the patient and open the patient home page. Next click on Appointment and select the appointment from the list you wish to arrive.

Click the action Patient Has Arrived. You will be asked to confirm the action as it cannot be undone.

 This command changes the state of the appointment and carries out the following action:

  • · Notifies the system that the patient has arrived and logs this against the patient record.
  • · Generates the initial invoice and adds it to the patient record or 3rd party payer.
  • · Generates a case to which appointment notes can be added.
  • · Changes the colour of the appointment on the side-by-side schedule to green.

If you are using the appointment workflow, after arriving the patient, you will need to change the status to "Patient is being seen" before being able to review the invoice, or access the consultation.

Once you have sent the patient through, you will be taken to the appointment overview page. This page displays the invoice, appointment details and activity.

From here the consultation can be loaded.

If you are a non-medical user, and try to access the consultation, you will be taken directly to the appointment admin page that displays the invoice.

If you are a medical user and access the consultation page, you will be taken into the consultation where clinic notes and medical history reviews can be carried out.