How to create and save a new image document

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What is the context and purpose of the article?

Within Meddbase, you can create image documents that enable the addition of images and different types of annotation. This article summarises how you can create a new image document.


Walk-through example – Creating an image document for a patient

To create a blank image document from the patient context, you can do as follows:

1. Find and open the required patient record (via Start > Patient > Find Patient > [Select patient from search])

2. From the patient record, go to Documents

3. In the Documents page, select New > Image Document


4. In the New Image dialogue that appears

a. Add a Name

b. Add further information as required

c. Then select Create

The 'New Image' dialog presented with values recorded for Name, Width, and Height

You are presented with the pain assessment screen in a separate browser tab. From here:

5. Add content as required (images, lines, arrows, text)

6. Click on Save once complete


The document is then saved to the patient record. When consequently viewed in the Documents page, the image document appears with a thumbnail similar to the screen below.




    Please note: There is a companion article that explains the features available for Image documents.  


Want to see more?

The short video below summarises the walk-through from the documents page of the patient record through to saving. It also demonstrates a few elements of image editor functionality.



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