Using one payment to pay off multiple invoices

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This section explains how to use one payment to pay off multiple invoices.

All payments can be viewed under the 'Payments' tab on the Accounts page.

In the following example, a payment of £100 is used to pay off two invoices totalling £100.

We begin by adding a payment. You may click on the images below to zoom.


This patient has two sent invoices on their account totalling £100.

We can match this payment to both invoices by opening the payment, then clicking the 'Match' button.


  • Search for the invoices by date or by invoice number using the filters on the left, then click 'Search invoices' to show a list of invoices.
  • Click on each invoice to match the full amount, or enter a value in the 'Matched' column to match a partial amount.
  • Review the payment windows and click 'Save' to confirm the allocation.