Creating new Roles Groups

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What's the context?

There is a range of built-in Role groups within Meddbase, that may represent the roles you need.

However, you may want to create custom Role groups to represent your different groups of users. So that you can then apply appropriate security policies for different things that Role can do such as viewing patient medical records, downloading documents or modifying accounts through Security Certificates.

What's the purpose of the article?

This article:

How to create a new Role group

To create a new Role, you can do as follows:

1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin

2. Click the User Management tile

3. In the User Profile and Role Management page that appears, click on New Role

4. In the New Role dialog that appears, input the Role title


5. Click on Create Role

The new Role is created and is displayed in the Roles panel of the page.


Want to see how it's done?

The short video below presents an example of how to create a new role.


What can you do with the new Role group?

When the new Role group has been created you can:

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