Creating a Template in MS Word

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Meddbase allows users to create Microsoft Word Documents from pre-defined templates meaning information from the patient record can be pushed into Microsoft Word for easy editing.

To use Microsoft Word Templates you must have the Meddbase Document Manager installed. This can be found under Documents and Links. Click Secure Document Manager and install the application.

Follow the instruction below to create a Microsoft Word Template:

1. Login to Meddbase

2. Click Templates

3. Click New and select Microsoft Word Document

4. When the new template window opens enter a name for your template

5. Select a type for your Template - this is the folder it will be stored under in the templates tree.

6. Click Create and Download

7. A blank document will open in Microsoft Word

8. Format your document with text and graphics where necessary. Enter template codes where you wish to reference patient details.

9. Hit Save in Word and then close Word. When you close Microsoft Word, Meddbase will automatically save the template back to the server. You will see the box appear displaying a progress bar.