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Raising a ticket

When an issue arises that you feel requires some help from the Meddbase Team to resolve, you are able to send us a support ticket requesting our support once you have registered on our Online Support Board. We ask that all customers raise a Support Ticket for any support issue they may have.

For us to help you with maximum efficiency, you should ensure that you include as much information in the ticket as you are able.


Below are some examples of things that would help us diagnose your problem:

  • What operating system are you using? (eg. Windows 10, MacOS)
  • The type and version of internet browser you are using? (eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer 11)
  • If in reference to a patient, document or invoice, please include a patient ID/Filename/Invoice number
  • Do any error messages appear? If so what do they say?
  • Approximately how long did the issue last and what time did it start?
  • What process did you go through to reach this point?
  • Were there any changes made before this occurred?
  • If you made a change what did you change it from and to?
  • What data did you enter prior to this unusual result?
  • Did you happen to notice any pattern to the error? (is it only affecting one patient or one type of document, does it only happen for a particular user or computer?)


If you are able, please attach a full screenshot of the problem to the ticket, as these are often very helpful. You can use a range of free software available online to capture screensots and edit them.


Please make sure you do not include too much personal information, for example the full name and DOB of your patient. All we need to find a person in the system is their Patient ID.


Bad Ticket:


Good Ticket:


Closing tickets

Tickets will close automatically after two weeks of your inactivity. You can close tickets earlier by changing the status to "Solved" (please choose "Submit as Solved") or we can do it on your behalf.

Rating Your Support:

When a ticket is closed and its status changed to "Solved", you will receive an email with a request to provide us feedback. Although it is not obligatory, we always aim to make our customer service even better. Both positive and negative opinions help us become more efficient.


Support Times:

Our Support Team operates between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday. If an emergency situation arises and you need to contact our Support Team out of hours please raise a support ticket with the 'Urgent' status and our team will recieve a notification and reply to you as soon as possible.