Out Of Office

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The out of office feature can be used to re-direct your work items, such as tasks, pathology results etc, to another user or role while you are away.

The out of office feature will add your chosen user or role to each work item assigned to you, allowing you to see the tasks assigned to you while you are away and allow the role or user to action them.

The out of office feature is configured on a per user basis. Each user will need to setup their own settings.

The out of office feature setting can be found under the settings section of the home page. (Settings can be found on the top bar of the Meddbase home page)

From settings, select preferences

The preferences window will open. Scroll down to Out of Office. Tick the Out Of Office Check box this will activate the feature. Below this, Each work item type can be configured to forward on to user or user role group.

Select your work type and a pop up window will open asking you who you’d like to forward your work items to. Note you can select multiple users and roles. Select your users or roles by clicking the user or role from the list on the left. The right hand section displays who you have selected.

Once you have chosen, save the settings. The out of office will be active until you disable it.