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The User Management page (located via Start Page > Admin > User Management) is the core management system for users, licensing and roles and contains the tools required to generate new users.

The page is split into two main sections, the ‘User Profiles’ list and the ‘Roles’ list. The ‘User Profiles’ list contains an array of important information pertaining to each profile including:

• Username

• Full Name

• External Email Address

• License Type

• License Granted Date

1.Creating Profiles

Please note that before creating a user, they need a profile to be assigned to this user. These profiles are split into Medical and Non-Medical (Staff) users. Please refer to the links below that refer to the creation of these two differenct types of Profiles.

Adding a Clinician

Adding a Member of Staff

Once these profiles have been created for every new user, we can continue with the creation of a new user


2.Creating a new User

Please navigate to The User Management page (located via Start Page > Admin > User Management). Once there, start with the ‘New User’ tool located in the top left hand corner of this page.

Beginning from the top, create a username. This should take the form xxx.firstname.lastname where xxx is your client code. This will be the name that is used for the user to login in. Another suggestion would be to look at all the existing user names within the chamber and follow the same format to avoid confusion or complication.

The user’s Meddbase Email Address will be filled in automatically by the system and will take the form

The user’s ‘Assigned Account’ will house the user’s details (Such as demographics, documents, schedule etc.) These are the Profiles that were created in section 2

Clicking on the field besides this will bring up a search dialogue where you may search for the clinician or member of staff.

Once you have specified the user’s ‘Assigned Account’, their full name will be automatically filled in by the system.

Finally, the account must be given an external email address for the purpose of password resetting. This will be the users email address that is used on a daily basis.

The checkbox at the bottom of the ‘New User’ form labelled ‘External IP Address Allowed’ will either allow or deny a user access from machines external to your local network. If you wish this user to have access to the system from outside of your network (working from home) then this box needs to be ticked  (You may define which IP addresses you consider to be internal in the application configuration, for more about this please refer to the linked article below).

External IPs to be Considered Internal

Clicking ‘Save’ will add your new user to the ‘User Profiles’ list.

To allow this user access to the system you must first assign them a license. Only once the user has a licence will they be able to access Meddbase.

To Add/ Remove Licences to Meddbase and for and Explanation of the Licence Types Available, please refer to the link below:

Licencing Explained

Once you have added a licence to Meddbase, you can not add this licence to your newly created users. Please refer to this article with regards to this.

Assigning a licence

After the user has been created and assigned a licence they will be able to log in to Meddbase.


3.Assigning your new user to Role Groups:

By default, All Meddbase users are assigned to the "Users" Role group. However depending your chambers particular security and permission settings, your new users will need to be added to additional Role Groups allowing/restricting them access to certain features or content within Meddbase. For more information on Role Groups and how to add your user to one, please refer to the link below:

Adding a User to a role