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Notifications are alerts created by Meddbase to inform you when something within the system may be of interest to you, these may take a number of forms:




Alerts a user when a new pathology result requires their attention


Alerts a user when a new PACS inbox item requires their attention


Alerts a user when an appointment task is created (such as confirmations)


Alerts a user when they have received a new email


Alerts a user when something has been posted on their personal feed


Alerts a user when something has been shared with their network


Alerts a user when a new prescription has been made a requires their attention


Alerts a user when a new task has been assigned to them

Incoming Referral

Alerts a user when a referral has been made to the clinic

Outgoing Referral

Alerts a user when a referral has been made by the clinic and requires their attention


These notifications can be set to behave differently for all your users (The ‘Notification Defaults’ section in Start Page > Admin > Configuration > Notifications) or overridden should individual user wish to be notified differently (Start Page > Settings > Preferences).




The notifications can be tailored to behave differently depending upon whether the user is logged in or logged out and can be set to alert users via the application itself, email or SMS (Or any combination of these three)

For most notification types you will find only two check boxes - the white checkbox will stop all notifications of that type going to a user, the darkest blue checkbox will allow all notifications of that type to the user.

The exception to this is in Pathology and PACs work types where the user can be notified based on the urgency of these results (The lighter blue will inform a user only when a high priority result is received, the lighter blue will allow anything above normal status to notify the user.)

When you are satisfied with these settings, hit the ‘Save’ button in the top left (for global settings) or the bottom of the page (in personal settings).

Lastly, please note that some of these notifications (Appointment Confirmation and Reminder for example) will only be sent if a template has been set up. Please refer to our Article on these templates and how to set them up below:

Appointment Confirmation