Password Policy

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In order to increase the security features of your system and minimise the risk of passwords becoming compromised Meddbase features a range of password policy options. To access the password policy options, go to the security policy section (Start Page > Admin > Security Policy). Beneath the security policy certificates, you will find a certificate labelled ‘Password Policy’ - click here to view the password policy options.



There are a number of features here to optimise the safety of your system, the first is the “Password Expiry Days’. This feature can be used to set the maximum number of days a user can have the same password, once expired a user will be forced to change their password before logging in. You may also force all passwords to expire by clicking the button on the top bar at which point all users will need to change their passwords on their next log in.

The ‘Passwords to Keep’ section will set the number of passwords securely stored in the database so that users cannot reuse the same password twice. All past passwords are securely encrypted in the Meddbase servers.

Finally, the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ section allows users to implement a third layer of security to the username/password login. This authentication requires users to possess a smart phone with the google authenticator app installed. Please see setting up two-factor authentication for guidance on enabling this feature.